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Free Invoice Software Options

Free Invoice Software Options

Free invoice software provides small business owners with an affordable option to bill their customers. Several companies provide this service free, in addition to offering paid options as your business grows. Following are three online programs that provide free invoicing services.


zoho_widget_1 (Photo credit: Craig Cmehil)

Free Invoice Software: Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice delivers a range of features and services that streamline the invoicing process. Customers can choose from several professional invoice templates. You can even send invoices through the postal services to clients who prefer a traditional billing method. In addition, Zoho Invoice offers online … Read the rest

CPA Services in Honolulu

Downtown Honolulu, HI, view from Punch Bowl.

Downtown Honolulu, HI, view from Punch Bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you live in Hawaii, you’re truly living the high life. The soothing effects of the sea breeze will have a calming effect on the soul, and there’s something about the flora and fauna that transport you to another world. Hawaii is the perfect mash-up of rising industry and natural beauty. You may think that it’d be difficult to hold stress in a place that so many people vacation to for escape, but it’s still possible, especially when it comes to financial woes.

Tax time can be particularly stressful, and … Read the rest