IRS Fresh Start Program

IRS Fresh Start Program

There is a new system called the IRS Fresh Start Program which aims to make it easier for people to pay back taxes and avoid a lien coming against them. There are three major parts to the IRS program. Tax liens, installment agreements and offers of compromise are the three features of the program.

The program increases the amount a person can owe before the IRS will file a notice of federal tax lien. Even though the IRS can file before the 10,000 limit this does increase it for the average person.

The IRS has also agreed to more installment options. One can file for an installment plan right over the internet. This could increase monthly payments for up to six years. If the agreement needs to be extended for longer than six years, financial hardship would have to be shown to the IRS.

Offers in Compromise are another agreement for taxpayers to be able to pay off debt but at a lesser amount. The IRS is now more flexible in its way to look at the taxpayers ability to pay. Generally the IRS will accept an offer if they feel it is a fair amount for a reasonable amount of time offered.

This new program will hopefully help taxpayers starting with the 2012 taxes. With compromise from both the IRS and the taxpayer all parties can be satisfied. The taxpayers will also feel less likely that they are being targeted and forced to pay amounts that they can never reach.

ERP Software Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software facilitates managing business resources efficiently. ERP software systems are provided by multiple vendors for implementation by businesses of various sizes and and types. For example, this post briefly describes the Enterprise 21 ERP system that is provided by TGI for implementation by small to medium-size manufacturing and distribution companies.
Enterprise 21 supports multiple business operations, including:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programs In...
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programs Information Session (S&T ERP Center, 27/01/2010) (Photo credit: Missouri S&T Center for ERP)

Business intelligence
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Financial management
Inventory management
Manufacturing management
Project accounting
Sales-order management
Warehouse management

You can deploy Enterprise 21 with any database that complies with Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), such as IBM DB2, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. You can run your database management system on any associated server technology, such as IBM OS/400, Linux, Microsoft Windows or Unix.

Enterprise 21 integrates with many third-party applications, including:

ADP payroll processing
Credit-card processing services
Crystal Reports
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services
Microsoft Office
Voice Over IP (VOIP) services

You can install and run Enterprise 21 locally on the server in a client-server network of thin clients. The server processes the data. Therefore, a thin-client workstation is a PC that has limited computational resources. You can also install and run Enterprise 21 directly on local fat clients. A fat client is a PC with considerable resources. Alternatively, you can run Enterprise 21 remotely as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on an off-site server.