Chris Christie Wants A Tax Cut For His People

New Jersey governor proposes a new tax reduction plan

Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor is hitting the airwaves to sell his proposed 10 percent tax reduction for all taxpayers in New Jersey as well as for all U.S Taxpayers. Some see it as prep work before he launches his presidential bid for the 2016 elections.

Governor Christie has appeared on three radio shows and two talk shows with national coverage. The first-term governor portrayed himself as the chief architect of what he refers to as New Jersey’s comeback.

Appearing on Matt Lauer’s Today show on NBC, the host had a hard time remembering that the NJ governor was not yet running for white house.

During the show, he referred to Christie’s state of the State address as the State of the Union address, but he quickly corrected himself. While Democratic governors in New York, California and Illinois have hiked income tax rates for high-wage earners, Christie surprised America by proposing an across-the-board tax cut not only in his home state but also for the entire country.

His actions contradict those of his potential rival Andrew Cuomo, New York governor. Christie made sure he pointed out this fact in his speech.

Christie noted that the best way to compete in the current political climate was to have a different view of things.

Not only does he propose a cut in taxes, but also a cut in government spending.

Under his proposed plan, couples with taxable income of 600,000 per year would save around 4,000 dollars in 2012 taxes. A family with an income of 50,000 dollars would save around 80 dollars per year.