ERP Software Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software facilitates managing business resources efficiently. ERP software systems are provided by multiple vendors for implementation by businesses of various sizes and and types. For example, this post briefly describes the Enterprise 21 ERP system that is provided by TGI for implementation by small to medium-size manufacturing and distribution companies.
Enterprise 21 supports multiple business operations, including:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programs In...
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programs Information Session (S&T ERP Center, 27/01/2010) (Photo credit: Missouri S&T Center for ERP)

Business intelligence
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Financial management
Inventory management
Manufacturing management
Project accounting
Sales-order management
Warehouse management

You can deploy Enterprise 21 with any database that complies with Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), such as IBM DB2, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. You can run your database management system on any associated server technology, such as IBM OS/400, Linux, Microsoft Windows or Unix.

Enterprise 21 integrates with many third-party applications, including:

ADP payroll processing
Credit-card processing services
Crystal Reports
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services
Microsoft Office
Voice Over IP (VOIP) services

You can install and run Enterprise 21 locally on the server in a client-server network of thin clients. The server processes the data. Therefore, a thin-client workstation is a PC that has limited computational resources. You can also install and run Enterprise 21 directly on local fat clients. A fat client is a PC with considerable resources. Alternatively, you can run Enterprise 21 remotely as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on an off-site server.


Free Invoice Software Options

Free Invoice Software Options

Free invoice software provides small business owners with an affordable option to bill their customers. Several companies provide this service free, in addition to offering paid options as your business grows. Following are three online programs that provide free invoicing services.

zoho_widget_1 (Photo credit: Craig Cmehil)

Free Invoice Software: Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice delivers a range of features and services that streamline the invoicing process. Customers can choose from several professional invoice templates. You can even send invoices through the postal services to clients who prefer a traditional billing method. In addition, Zoho Invoice offers online payment acceptance, invoice and payment tracking, automated reminders and a customer database. The free version allows business owners to invoice up to 5 clients by using one user account.

Free Invoice Software: Invoiceable

Invoiceable provides a simple and straightforward platform for delivering invoices online. This online system does not place limits on the number of invoices you can send or the number of clients you can invoice. In addition, the service offers customers the ability to manage invoices using mobile technologies, such as Android or iPad. The company charges a fee for clients to remove a small link that says “Powered by Invoiceable;” otherwise, the program is completely free.

Free Invoice Software: Debitoor

Debitoor customers enjoy the basic version of this online software free of charge. You can include your business’s logo, receive reminders and calculate taxes within the program. Additionally, the company does not limit the number of invoices you can send.

E-File Tax Returns May Be Slower This Year

Some electronically filed tax returns slow

If you opted to e-file this year, hoping for a quick return, it might take a little longer. The IRS is taking longer to process returns in 2012.

Take the case of Levi Prine, who filed his taxes on February 20th. His return was accepted readily, and it said his refund should be available on March 5th.

The next week, he checked the date again, and it said it was “delayed” until February 28. A delay like that would puzzle anybody, and Prine decided to talk to a real person.

After waiting on the phone dealing with electronic messages and prompts Prine eventually got a real person, who said the IRS was experieincing issues with their processing software.

The problem is being caused because of new security measures aimed at stopping fraud.

The IRS would like to remind everyone that the majority of refunds are given within three weeks. Refunds dates are never an absolute. Many things can come into play that can affect when you get your money.

Money-we don’t take that

When using Gaddie Cleaners, Oscar Lerma was upset when the business refused to take his $20 bill as payment.

Apparently the business had been having trouble with robberies, and having cash on hand was a liability.

It is somewhat unusual, but perfectly within their legal rights to do so.

The store apparently warned most of their regular customers ahead of time. They do accept most major credit credit and debit cards in addition to money orders.