Arizona Experiences Increase In Small Business Hiring

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The most recent Intuit Payroll Small Business Index for October revealed that, despite a downward trend nationwide, Arizona small businesses increased hiring for the second consecutive month.

The nationwide figure decreased by 0.05 percent, while Arizona saw a 0.13 percent increase. Overall, small businesses in the United States created 10,000 fewer jobs.

The decline in nationwide figures began in May. Small businesses added 150,000 from the beginning of March 2010 until the end of May 2012

The total recovery amounts to 85,000 jobs after a decrease of 65,000 jobs since May.

Roads and freeways in metropolitan Phoenix
Roads and freeways in metropolitan Phoenix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Inuit, the software company that makes TurboTax 2012, any enterprise with fewer than 20
employees qualifies as a small business.

The data analyzed came from approximately 170,000 customers using Intuit’s Online Payroll. In addition to making Turbotax, Intuit created Quicken software for bookkeeping.

In September, revenue recorded by small businesses decreased 0.3 percent. Of all the industries the Index monitors, none recorded an increase in revenue this month.

The biggest decline  was in the construction industry, which fell 0.8 percent, with accommodation and food services, professional services and retail all showing a 0.5 percent decrease.

Revenues across the nation have fallen 2.5 percent since this past February, which would be a 4.3 percent decrease for the year if the trend continues.

In October, employees saw their salaries decrease an average of $2,791, a decline from $2,794, or 0.1 percent, for September. The period covering August to September saw an increase of $17 in employee salaries.

Hourly employees worked an average of 24.7 hours each week with a total of 107.1 hours for October, down 42 minutes, or 0.7 percent from the 107.8 hours reported in September.

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TurboTax 2012

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