Tax Day Specials at McDonald’s: What You Really Want to Be Aware

Prepare for McDonald’s Tax Day specials! Find out everything you need to know about these special offers, which range from free fries to reduced prices on burgers.

Tax Day can be a distressing time, yet McDonald’s is here to help facilitate the relief with certain unique arrangements. Whether you’re needing a few free fries or a limited burger, there are a lot of choices to look over. Find out more about McDonald’s Tax Day specials and how to take advantage of them in the following paragraphs.

McDonald's Tax Day Specials
McDonald’s Tax Day Specials

When will the specials for Tax Day be available?

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How to Track Your Refund Status with the WheresMyRefund Tool

Use the WheresMyRefund tool to easily track the status of your refund. Get up-to-date info fast so you can plan ahead!

With the WheresMyRefund tool it’s easy to keep tabs on your refund status. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily track your refund and plan ahead with the most up-to-date information available. It provides real-time updates on the processing of the refund and can be accessed through the IRS website.

Refund Status with the WheresMyRefund Tool
Refund Status with the WheresMyRefund Tool

Gather Your Refund Information.

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TurboTax Freedom Edition Review

TurboTax Freedom Edition

It takes a lot of effort to file taxes and keep track of everything. Depending on the difficulty, a professional may be required, as well as a substantial sum of money. As a result, online filing services arose to provide further convenience. TurboTax, for example, offers both the TurboTax Freedom Edition and TurboTax Paid packages.

TurboTax Freedom Edition
TurboTax Freedom Edition

About the Turbo tax Freedom Edition


  • Ease of Use

Tax returns meet simplified tax in this feature of the TurboTax freedom version. Preparation, printing, and e-filing are all made simple. The complexity of life does not become an added … Read the rest

Take Advantage Of The Upcoming Tax Day Deals

Tax Day Deals

The IRS is sending out over $330,000,000,000 of tax refunds. Therefore, lots of eateries are attempting to capitalize on this extra cash in taxpayers’ pockets, by providing giveaways and price reductions on April 18. Here is an overview of the tax day deals throughout America.

Tax Day Deals photo
Photo by Alan Stanton

At Boston Market, the tax day deals offer consists of a half chicken dinner for $10.40. This is priced to reflect the form taxpayers have to complete. $11.77 is the normal price. At Outback Steakhouse, to access the tax day bargain, you have to visit their website then … Read the rest